Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Birth of Ayasha

(Copyright 2 December, 2009 TCO)
Sam and Emily's baby has arrived!


Carlisle: *kneels down next to Emily, pressing lightly on her abdomen* I'm going to examine you again, same as last time, ok?

Sam: -holding your hand still I kneel back down beside you-

Emily: -nods as I stare into your eyes, trying to remember to breathe-

Carlisle: Breathe Emily

Emily: -inhales deeply as I look at Carlisle-

Carlisle: *examines her and smiles* Good girl, those contractions are doing their job. You're at 9 Centimeteres - one to go

Sam: Come on baby, breathe.

Becca: -smiles- u so close emi so close, soon we will see seamonkey and u are doing great

Emily: -looking back over at you about to smile, as another intense contractions builds. Pressing down on my stomach as my back spasms with pain I cry out loudly as I cluth desperately at you-

Carlisle: Just Breathe Emily

Sam: Baby it's gonna be alright -clutching onto your hand-

Emily: -breathing as I fix my eyes on you, holding your gaze trying to find the support to get throught this- Agghh I really need to push- I cry out as the pain intensifies-

Sam: -seeing you focus on me I look back into your eyes- Focus here dear breathe for me

Carlisle: No Emily do NOT push

Emily: -crying as the pressure builds in my stomach-

Carlisle: It's not time, breathe..... concentrate on your breathing.

Sam: Breathe with me dear -I inhale then exhale slowly-

Emily: -nods at Carlisle as I takle another deep breath in, then exhaling slowly-

Carlisle: *gently rubs emily's abdomen whispering encouragement* Sweetheart concentrate on your breathing.

Emily: -crying as I try to breath through this contractions the need to push unbearable-

Carlisle: *feels her abdomen is rock hard* Breathe short breaths now do NOT push

Sam: Youre doing good dear

Emily: -nods again and draws in a short breath-

Carlisle: Short panting breaths

Emily: -continue to draw in short sharp panting breaths, my eyes fixed on Sam as the pain eases-my body relaxing slightly-

Carlisle: Emily you're doing great.Breathe easy sweetheart *rubs her abdomen*

Becca: -looks at emily- you are doing so well girl almost there

Carlisle: *Examines her again, Smiles and looks at Becca and nods* Emily, it's time to push

Emily: what

Carlisle: NO.....Wait for the contraction

Emily: ok

Carlisle: Becca take her knee

Emily: -I try and focus on my breathing-

Carlisle: Sam take her other knee

Becca: -stands closer to doc and take emi knee-

Carlisle: *watches Emily and puts a cool cloth on her forehead*

Sam: -moves closer down and holds emily's knee-

Emily: -tears streaming down my face as i feel the pressure building-

Sam: -holding your hand still I see tears stream down your face-

Emily: -the pressure building as I sueeze desperately at your hand, crying out in pain- Carlisle I want to push

Becca: -looks at emi- this is it girl u can do this u doing grest

Carlisle: ok sweetheart push, you're doing great

Sam: Baby you are doing great -squeezing your hand-

Emily: Oh God Sam...I can’t do this…-as I push with all my might- Please make this stop…Aaaaaggghhhh –As I take a deep breath, trying to see through the pain,Fixing my eyes on yours. -Concentrating on your eyes. Needing you to get me through this, I hold your anxious gaze, as I dig my fingers into your warm skin- Sam –I breathe, pleading with you-

Sam: you can do this! -looking you in the eyes-

Carlisle: Ok ready Emily? Push again. Take a deep breath...Bear down, Emily good deep breath and push!

Emily: -scream out in pain as I clutch despeartely at you, pulling your hand towards me as I push-

Sam: breath dear!

Emily: Sam, god this is all your fault!!!! - i scream as the pain takes control of my body-
Carlisle: *Checks Emily again and sees that the baby is breech* STOP ! STOP PUSHING

Emily: -panic floods my body as I hear those words- Why Whats wrong

Sam: -squeezing your hand-

Carlisle: The baby is breech i need to turn it

Becca: -looks at carlilse- what can we do. emi dont worry its going to be okay, sqeeuzing ur hand

Emily: -digging my fingers into your hand to fight the urge to push- You what Carlisle...But...Whats wrong, can we

Sam: -my eyes sadden- just hang in there dear take a deep breathe

Carlisle: I have to try to turn the baby

Emily: -crying as the situation overwhelms me and the need to puch intensifies even greater-

Becca: -its okay emi- looks at carlisle

Emily: But carlisle...

Sam: emily focus here -looking into your eyes-

Carlisle: *Pushes down on Emilys abdomen forcefully as I try to turn the baby*

Emily: -crying harder as I turn back to look at you. Needing you to get me through this- Gggrrrrraaaaahhhh –I cry out as I brace myself against you, gripping desperately to you as I plead with my body not to push one last time-

Sam: I'm here dear just hold on to me

Carlisle: *looks into Emily's eyes* Please.. do NOT push.....Emily please

Emily: -nods as I glance at Carlsile and then turning back to you- Please -i cry out- make this stop

Sam: hold on to me emily! squeeze my hand as hard as you can

Carlisle: *Presses down hard on her abdomen with my right hand while trying to turn the baby with my left hand*

Emily: -screaming at the intensity of the pain I clutch despearately at you- Please make it stop

Sam: focus here emily! look into my eyes and breathe

Emily: Sam please help me -screaming even louder as I hold onto you-

Carlisle: *stares into emily's eyes, trying to calm her* I know and I'm sorry I'm hurting you

Becca: -Holds on to emily's knee- emi u need to calm and just focus on sam

Carlisle: *Gets a good grip on the baby and is able to turn it*

Sam: I'm here breathe for me

Carlisle: I got it. I got it

Emily: -cries uncontrolably as I nod at Carlisle- Please please please

Becca: breathe emi just breath u doing great

Emily: -crying out again as the need to push overwhelms me-

Carlisle" *looks up at Sam, nodding* It's ok yes emily push

Emily: Can I push Carlisle- I cry, looking at carlisle- thank god.

Carlisle: *smiles* I can see the head. Sam!! Come here

Sam: -moves to carlisle's side-

Emily: -screaming as I grab despeartly at your hands pulling them towards me as I push-

Carlisle: *speaks softly* your baby's head, Sam

Sam: -smiling- Emily! our baby's head

Emily: -crying as I hear Carlisle-

Sam: -reaching back I grip your hand-

Emily: -breathing in deeply as I try and center myself-

Carlisle: Rest emily, save your energy, you are going to need it.

Becca: almost done emi almost done - as i look at your tired face-

Emily: -letting my head fall against you I cry in relief, pain joy, the emmotions alll mixed together as I cry into your chest trying to relax-

Becca: -takes a cool cloth and puts it on emily's head- u go girl u doing awesome

Emily: Thanks Bec- the coldness of the cloth soothing me-

Becca: glad i am here, it's my pleasure

Sam: -moving back up toward emily I lightly stroke your cheek- You're doing great dear.

Carlisle: You're almost there

Emily: -crying as i look into your eye- Im sorry for screaming at you

Sam: It's okay dear. It's okay.

Emily: I couldnt do this with out you - i cry as I kiss your hand-

Sam: Im here for you

Emily: -taking in a deep breath- Im so scared,- as I gaze into your eyes-

Sam: Don't be scared you're doing great. Not much longer now. You've done an amazing job so far.

Becca: -gives your face another wipe- u have and so did u sam.

Emily: -smiles weakly at you as I take a deep breath-

Emily: -glances up at Bec- Thank you for being here with us

Sam: Thanks becca but really it's all been emily

Emily: -grabing desperately at your hand as I feel the pressure and pain building in my stomach I cry out in pain-

Carlisle: *watches Emilys face go from peace to pain, rubbing her abdomen gently encouraging her to push* PUSH...thats it good... good

Emily: -digging my fingers into your hand as I brace myself against you pushing despearately as I cry out in pain-

Carlisle: That's it!! good girl *smiles* Here comes the head*

Emily: -screams as I continue to push-

Carlisle: *gently guides teh baby's head out*

Becca: emi its coming i can see the baby -getting very excited-

Carlisle: Take a deep breath and bear down

Emily: -crying in ragged breathes as I try to take a deep breath and bear down-
Carlisle: Thats it doing great, Emily.

sam: come on you can do it

Emily: please get it out - crying pushing-

Carlisle: *slides my fingers around the baby's neck to make room for the shoulders*

Becca: almost emi so close

Emily: -screams as I pull your hands to me braceing against you-

Carlisle: *speaks softly* Emily concentrate and bear down

Sam: almost there

Emily: -trying to concentrate on Carlisle, I bear down-

Carlisle: *Nods* yes.. you're doing wonderfully...Look at me ok? your baby is coming

Sam: look at carlisle

Emily: -crying as I nod, unable to find any words-

Carlisle: *slides my fingers around the shoulders as they slide out* Almost there, sweetheart, gentle pushing...easy Emily

Emily: -pushes again at Carlisle's request-

Carlisle: Sam come here *smiles softly* I want you to do this

Sam: -Letting go of emily's hand I move toward carlisle-

Emily: -grabs for Becs hand as Sam lets go of me-

Carlisle: *Stands next to Sam* This is your baby, I want you to do this

Sam: okay -takes a a deep breath-

Carlisle: Next contraction is it emily

Emily: -grabbing desperately at Becs hand, squeezing-

Carlisle: *rubs Emily's leg softly encouraging her* Emily it's time to push

Sam: come on dear push

Emily: -screams out as I push desperately

Carlisle: Gently

Sam: Emily here it somes sweetheart

Emily: -crying as I continue to push- Please now

Carlisle: *Nods to Sam to catch the baby as Emily's last push gently sends the baby into his arms*

Emily: -looking over at Bec my eyes searching hers for help-

Becca: just breath..i am here dont worry

Sam: okay. -looking at Carlisle-

Emily: -breathing deeply as I look back at Sam-

Carlisle: It's ok sam

Sam: -holding the baby I place it gently on her chest-

Emily: -takes a deep breath-

Carlisle: *grabs a towel and starts rubbing the baby's back until it starts crying*

Sam: -lets go of your hand-

Carlisle: *picks the baby up off Emily's chest and turns it over*

Emily: -crying in joy as I watch our baby-

Carlisle: *smiles wide* Sam... Emily, Congratulations on your baby girl.

Sam: A girl. Emily.

Emily: -looking at you crying- We have a girl

Sam: -smiles- coming around the couch to place a kiss on your forehead-

Carlisle: *holds the baby up after I clean her off*

Sam: Look emily.

Emily: -crying in amazement looking back over at you- she's ours

Carlisle: Shes perfect

Sam: Yes, shes perfect

Carlisle: Sam?

Sam: yes? -looking at dr. cullen-

Carlisle: *clamps the cord on 2 sides and hands Sams scissors* Cut the cord, son.

Sam: -holds the scissors and cuts the cord-

Emily: -tears of joy and exhuastion stream down my face-

Sam: -smiles looking at emily-

Carlisle: *cleans the umbilical cord and wraps thebaby in a blanket*

Becca: -brushes hair out of your face and gives u a kiss- Well done girl that was awesome u did so good

Carlisle: *Places the baby on Emily's chest, leans down and kisses her forehead* That was beautiful, Emily. I am so PROUD OF YOU

Emily: Thank you- I cry as I take our baby girl looking at Carlisle- thank you so much

Carlisle: *smiles, pushing her bangs off her forehead*

(Copyright 2 December, 2009 TCO)

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