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The Birth of Ayasha

(Copyright 2 December, 2009 TCO)
Sam and Emily's baby has arrived!


Carlisle: *kneels down next to Emily, pressing lightly on her abdomen* I'm going to examine you again, same as last time, ok?

Sam: -holding your hand still I kneel back down beside you-

Emily: -nods as I stare into your eyes, trying to remember to breathe-

Carlisle: Breathe Emily

Emily: -inhales deeply as I look at Carlisle-

Carlisle: *examines her and smiles* Good girl, those contractions are doing their job. You're at 9 Centimeteres - one to go

Sam: Come on baby, breathe.

Becca: -smiles- u so close emi so close, soon we will see seamonkey and u are doing great

Emily: -looking back over at you about to smile, as another intense contractions builds. Pressing down on my stomach as my back spasms with pain I cry out loudly as I cluth desperately at you-

Carlisle: Just Breathe Emily

Sam: Baby it's gonna be alright -clutching onto your hand-

Emily: -breathing as I fix my eyes on you, holding your gaze trying to find the support to get throught this- Agghh I really need to push- I cry out as the pain intensifies-

Sam: -seeing you focus on me I look back into your eyes- Focus here dear breathe for me

Carlisle: No Emily do NOT push

Emily: -crying as the pressure builds in my stomach-

Carlisle: It's not time, breathe..... concentrate on your breathing.

Sam: Breathe with me dear -I inhale then exhale slowly-

Emily: -nods at Carlisle as I takle another deep breath in, then exhaling slowly-

Carlisle: *gently rubs emily's abdomen whispering encouragement* Sweetheart concentrate on your breathing.

Emily: -crying as I try to breath through this contractions the need to push unbearable-

Carlisle: *feels her abdomen is rock hard* Breathe short breaths now do NOT push

Sam: Youre doing good dear

Emily: -nods again and draws in a short breath-

Carlisle: Short panting breaths

Emily: -continue to draw in short sharp panting breaths, my eyes fixed on Sam as the pain eases-my body relaxing slightly-

Carlisle: Emily you're doing great.Breathe easy sweetheart *rubs her abdomen*

Becca: -looks at emily- you are doing so well girl almost there

Carlisle: *Examines her again, Smiles and looks at Becca and nods* Emily, it's time to push

Emily: what

Carlisle: NO.....Wait for the contraction

Emily: ok

Carlisle: Becca take her knee

Emily: -I try and focus on my breathing-

Carlisle: Sam take her other knee

Becca: -stands closer to doc and take emi knee-

Carlisle: *watches Emily and puts a cool cloth on her forehead*

Sam: -moves closer down and holds emily's knee-

Emily: -tears streaming down my face as i feel the pressure building-

Sam: -holding your hand still I see tears stream down your face-

Emily: -the pressure building as I sueeze desperately at your hand, crying out in pain- Carlisle I want to push

Becca: -looks at emi- this is it girl u can do this u doing grest

Carlisle: ok sweetheart push, you're doing great

Sam: Baby you are doing great -squeezing your hand-

Emily: Oh God Sam...I can’t do this…-as I push with all my might- Please make this stop…Aaaaaggghhhh –As I take a deep breath, trying to see through the pain,Fixing my eyes on yours. -Concentrating on your eyes. Needing you to get me through this, I hold your anxious gaze, as I dig my fingers into your warm skin- Sam –I breathe, pleading with you-

Sam: you can do this! -looking you in the eyes-

Carlisle: Ok ready Emily? Push again. Take a deep breath...Bear down, Emily good deep breath and push!

Emily: -scream out in pain as I clutch despeartely at you, pulling your hand towards me as I push-

Sam: breath dear!

Emily: Sam, god this is all your fault!!!! - i scream as the pain takes control of my body-
Carlisle: *Checks Emily again and sees that the baby is breech* STOP ! STOP PUSHING

Emily: -panic floods my body as I hear those words- Why Whats wrong

Sam: -squeezing your hand-

Carlisle: The baby is breech i need to turn it

Becca: -looks at carlilse- what can we do. emi dont worry its going to be okay, sqeeuzing ur hand

Emily: -digging my fingers into your hand to fight the urge to push- You what Carlisle...But...Whats wrong, can we

Sam: -my eyes sadden- just hang in there dear take a deep breathe

Carlisle: I have to try to turn the baby

Emily: -crying as the situation overwhelms me and the need to puch intensifies even greater-

Becca: -its okay emi- looks at carlisle

Emily: But carlisle...

Sam: emily focus here -looking into your eyes-

Carlisle: *Pushes down on Emilys abdomen forcefully as I try to turn the baby*

Emily: -crying harder as I turn back to look at you. Needing you to get me through this- Gggrrrrraaaaahhhh –I cry out as I brace myself against you, gripping desperately to you as I plead with my body not to push one last time-

Sam: I'm here dear just hold on to me

Carlisle: *looks into Emily's eyes* Please.. do NOT push.....Emily please

Emily: -nods as I glance at Carlsile and then turning back to you- Please -i cry out- make this stop

Sam: hold on to me emily! squeeze my hand as hard as you can

Carlisle: *Presses down hard on her abdomen with my right hand while trying to turn the baby with my left hand*

Emily: -screaming at the intensity of the pain I clutch despearately at you- Please make it stop

Sam: focus here emily! look into my eyes and breathe

Emily: Sam please help me -screaming even louder as I hold onto you-

Carlisle: *stares into emily's eyes, trying to calm her* I know and I'm sorry I'm hurting you

Becca: -Holds on to emily's knee- emi u need to calm and just focus on sam

Carlisle: *Gets a good grip on the baby and is able to turn it*

Sam: I'm here breathe for me

Carlisle: I got it. I got it

Emily: -cries uncontrolably as I nod at Carlisle- Please please please

Becca: breathe emi just breath u doing great

Emily: -crying out again as the need to push overwhelms me-

Carlisle" *looks up at Sam, nodding* It's ok yes emily push

Emily: Can I push Carlisle- I cry, looking at carlisle- thank god.

Carlisle: *smiles* I can see the head. Sam!! Come here

Sam: -moves to carlisle's side-

Emily: -screaming as I grab despeartly at your hands pulling them towards me as I push-

Carlisle: *speaks softly* your baby's head, Sam

Sam: -smiling- Emily! our baby's head

Emily: -crying as I hear Carlisle-

Sam: -reaching back I grip your hand-

Emily: -breathing in deeply as I try and center myself-

Carlisle: Rest emily, save your energy, you are going to need it.

Becca: almost done emi almost done - as i look at your tired face-

Emily: -letting my head fall against you I cry in relief, pain joy, the emmotions alll mixed together as I cry into your chest trying to relax-

Becca: -takes a cool cloth and puts it on emily's head- u go girl u doing awesome

Emily: Thanks Bec- the coldness of the cloth soothing me-

Becca: glad i am here, it's my pleasure

Sam: -moving back up toward emily I lightly stroke your cheek- You're doing great dear.

Carlisle: You're almost there

Emily: -crying as i look into your eye- Im sorry for screaming at you

Sam: It's okay dear. It's okay.

Emily: I couldnt do this with out you - i cry as I kiss your hand-

Sam: Im here for you

Emily: -taking in a deep breath- Im so scared,- as I gaze into your eyes-

Sam: Don't be scared you're doing great. Not much longer now. You've done an amazing job so far.

Becca: -gives your face another wipe- u have and so did u sam.

Emily: -smiles weakly at you as I take a deep breath-

Emily: -glances up at Bec- Thank you for being here with us

Sam: Thanks becca but really it's all been emily

Emily: -grabing desperately at your hand as I feel the pressure and pain building in my stomach I cry out in pain-

Carlisle: *watches Emilys face go from peace to pain, rubbing her abdomen gently encouraging her to push* PUSH...thats it good... good

Emily: -digging my fingers into your hand as I brace myself against you pushing despearately as I cry out in pain-

Carlisle: That's it!! good girl *smiles* Here comes the head*

Emily: -screams as I continue to push-

Carlisle: *gently guides teh baby's head out*

Becca: emi its coming i can see the baby -getting very excited-

Carlisle: Take a deep breath and bear down

Emily: -crying in ragged breathes as I try to take a deep breath and bear down-
Carlisle: Thats it doing great, Emily.

sam: come on you can do it

Emily: please get it out - crying pushing-

Carlisle: *slides my fingers around the baby's neck to make room for the shoulders*

Becca: almost emi so close

Emily: -screams as I pull your hands to me braceing against you-

Carlisle: *speaks softly* Emily concentrate and bear down

Sam: almost there

Emily: -trying to concentrate on Carlisle, I bear down-

Carlisle: *Nods* yes.. you're doing wonderfully...Look at me ok? your baby is coming

Sam: look at carlisle

Emily: -crying as I nod, unable to find any words-

Carlisle: *slides my fingers around the shoulders as they slide out* Almost there, sweetheart, gentle pushing...easy Emily

Emily: -pushes again at Carlisle's request-

Carlisle: Sam come here *smiles softly* I want you to do this

Sam: -Letting go of emily's hand I move toward carlisle-

Emily: -grabs for Becs hand as Sam lets go of me-

Carlisle: *Stands next to Sam* This is your baby, I want you to do this

Sam: okay -takes a a deep breath-

Carlisle: Next contraction is it emily

Emily: -grabbing desperately at Becs hand, squeezing-

Carlisle: *rubs Emily's leg softly encouraging her* Emily it's time to push

Sam: come on dear push

Emily: -screams out as I push desperately

Carlisle: Gently

Sam: Emily here it somes sweetheart

Emily: -crying as I continue to push- Please now

Carlisle: *Nods to Sam to catch the baby as Emily's last push gently sends the baby into his arms*

Emily: -looking over at Bec my eyes searching hers for help-

Becca: just breath..i am here dont worry

Sam: okay. -looking at Carlisle-

Emily: -breathing deeply as I look back at Sam-

Carlisle: It's ok sam

Sam: -holding the baby I place it gently on her chest-

Emily: -takes a deep breath-

Carlisle: *grabs a towel and starts rubbing the baby's back until it starts crying*

Sam: -lets go of your hand-

Carlisle: *picks the baby up off Emily's chest and turns it over*

Emily: -crying in joy as I watch our baby-

Carlisle: *smiles wide* Sam... Emily, Congratulations on your baby girl.

Sam: A girl. Emily.

Emily: -looking at you crying- We have a girl

Sam: -smiles- coming around the couch to place a kiss on your forehead-

Carlisle: *holds the baby up after I clean her off*

Sam: Look emily.

Emily: -crying in amazement looking back over at you- she's ours

Carlisle: Shes perfect

Sam: Yes, shes perfect

Carlisle: Sam?

Sam: yes? -looking at dr. cullen-

Carlisle: *clamps the cord on 2 sides and hands Sams scissors* Cut the cord, son.

Sam: -holds the scissors and cuts the cord-

Emily: -tears of joy and exhuastion stream down my face-

Sam: -smiles looking at emily-

Carlisle: *cleans the umbilical cord and wraps thebaby in a blanket*

Becca: -brushes hair out of your face and gives u a kiss- Well done girl that was awesome u did so good

Carlisle: *Places the baby on Emily's chest, leans down and kisses her forehead* That was beautiful, Emily. I am so PROUD OF YOU

Emily: Thank you- I cry as I take our baby girl looking at Carlisle- thank you so much

Carlisle: *smiles, pushing her bangs off her forehead*

(Copyright 2 December, 2009 TCO)

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Come test your knowledge!

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Cullens Online is Growing!!

Ok so we are growing and its really exciting.

If anyone of you are interrested in trying out for the following rolls - apply at

An Egyptian vampire and the leader of the Egyptian Coven. Described as having dark hair and olive pallor, Amun is mistrustful and outspoken. He has an extremely quiet mate called Kebi and is the one who created Benjamin

Eleazar was a member of the Denali Coven. He was originally a guard of the Volturi until he met his mate Carmen, and then later left the Volturi to find peace with his love. Soon after leaving the Volturi, Carmen and himself joined the Denali Coven many years after it was established.

He is a vampire of the Romanian Coven. He has black hair and dresses in all black. He seeks revenge on the Volturi, and despises them greatly and entirely. He and his fellow Romanian vampire Vladimir once ruled the vampire world thousands of years ago.

Please don't feel obligated to only apply for the above. To see what we have available for other parts - please visit

Hope to hear from you all!


We have Character application reviews every week! We would really love it if you can consider one of the following rolls if you have not done so yet!

Sam Uley
He was the first of the boys from the reservation to phase and become a werewolf. The first time he met Bella Swan, he said that the Cullens were not welcome at First Beach, which sparked the conversation leading Jacob Black to tell Bella about vampires and werewolves.

Emily Young
She is Sam Uley's wife. While Same was dating Leah - he imprinted on Emily.

If you think you have the ability to Roll Play, spend valuable time on TCO and be dedicated to your roll..... you are who we are looking for!

Please apply at

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Twilight and Burger King Team Up!

Burger King Gives Details on New Moon Products
Posted by Twilight_News - 23/09/09 at 07:09 am

Ever since the Burger King street team was handing out Team Edward and Team Jacob crowns at Comic Con (photo via Robert, people have been speculating what exactly would the franchise be doing. Frankly, we had visions of mothers wrenching toy Volvo’s from kids meals out of their children’s hands, teens pretending to order a kids meal for an invisible young sibling. Well it turns out the deal is a little different. According to Burger King:
“For fans hungry for another bite of the “Twilight” film franchise, Burger King Corp. is revealing a few details of what will be available in participating BURGER KING® restaurants nationwide this November as part of its multi-faceted “New Moon” promotion. A special gift of holiday value, which guests will receive free (while supplies last) with the purchase of a BK BURGER SHOTS® six pack value meal, will be packed full with “New Moon” merchandise offers, retail coupons and collectible cards. Additionally, a series of limited-edition “New Moon”-themed BK® Crown Cards featuring stars from the film are available for purchase at BURGER KING® restaurants and online at Once acquired, these collectible gift cards, which have a $5 minimum limit, can be loaded at BURGER KING® restaurants nationwide. These exclusive items are just a glimpse of what will be offered in BURGER KING® restaurants and are sure to be a hit with “Twilight” fans looking for hot gifts this holiday season. More information will be revealed in early November when the promotion launches in BURGER KING® restaurants nationwide.
“Curiosity among fans has continued since our exclusive ‘New Moon’-themed BK® Crowns hit the Comic-Con scene in San Diego in late July,” said Cindy Syracuse, senior director, cultural marketing, Burger King Corp. “While full promotional details are still to come, we can confirm that beginning Nov. 16, BURGER KING® restaurants will offer guests access to a number of limited-edition, movie-themed offers and merchandise.”
Repost from Twilight Lexicon

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Accepting Applications Now!

To apply please go to and follow the instructions listed there. You will be asked to complete a series of interview questions and email them to

Please review our HIRING PROCESSES by clicking here.

La Push
Billy Black
Brady probationary filled
Embry Call probationary filled
Emily Uley
Leah Clearwater probationary filled
Sam Uley

Eric Yorkie
Tyler Crowley

Afton Volturi***
Alec Volturi
Demetri Volturi
Felix Volturi
Marcus Volturi
Santiago Volturi

Senna Amazon

Amun Egypt
Benjamin Egypt*** probationary filled
Tia Egypt probationary filled

Stefan Romania

Alistair Nomad
Charles Nomad
***Mary Nomad

South America

***Means the character has special powers.

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Congratulations to Tonight's Trivia Winner!

CONGRATULATIONS to tonight's trivia winners on The Cullens Online!!!

First Place for Team Jacob and Nessie!


Second Place was a TIE!

Hayley and Sara

Third Place


Next week Trivia will take a whole new Spin!!

Be sure to check the site for more details!!

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Who I Am

My name is Carlisle Cullen. I also have gone by Stregone Benefice. I am the patriarch of the Cullen family. My wife is Esme and my children are Edward, Rosalie, Emmet, Alice and Jasper.
My chosen profession is as a physician. I have brought compassion over from my human life and it gives me purpose and fulfilment to aid others in need.
I was born in the 1640s in London, England. My actual birthday is lost to me as I remember very little of that time now. My father was an Anglican minister and during his time as a church official, he took it upon himself to hunt creatures such as witches, werewolves, and vampires, often mistaking innocent humans as monsters. When my father retired, I did what was expected of me and took on his role. During a hunt one night, I was attacked by a vampire and left to die on the street. What I remember (Carlisle's rememberance)

I felt a body slam into me and knock the attacker away. The instant his teeth broke free of my flesh the pain started. I couldn't localize the exact place. It was in one spot and EVERYWHERE all at the same time. I gasped, fell to my knees and blacked out. I awoke seconds later, a fire burning throughout my body, a raging inferno that I would have done anything to put out. Each move I made intensified the burning but I had to get off the street. I heard the yelling and chaos but everything was blurred and warbled. It made no sense. I was dying. I knew it and I just wished for it to be over fast. Never had I felt anguish before and this must have been my penance for what I had done. I deserved it. I judged them. How could I stand there and take over the role of God and judge anyone? How DARE I even let the thought enter my mind.
But I did. My father, Pastor Cullen... he had it in his brain. He feared them. Anyone different, in his eyes, was evil, "The incarnate of Satan himself!" He'd shake his fist and say, "They deserve to burn!"
My mind snapped back to my own pain, suffering. The burning. This was my fate, surely as a punishment for being judgmental, to burn in purgatory, forever.
My eyes started to cloud over and I knew my end was near. I lay on the street, pain to intense to move. I begged for the end to come to me, but it tormented me. I was engulfed in invisible flames. As I lay there gasping in pain I saw a small dark figure hopping on the road in front of me. It was a raven. How curious to see this bird in the street at night. I watched as it looked at me, titling its head as if examining me for its next scavenge. Surely this was a sign that I was momets from death. I lost all energy and gave up. I had to let the fire succumb. I closed my eyes. I felt a tug on my hair and was rallied. No!! I fought. I couldn't have my father or brothers find me. When I opened my eyes, the bird was still there, it hopped a few feet and turned and looked at me as if to beckon me to follow. I clawed at the dirt road, pulling myself through the burning agony. I had to get out of sight. The bird hopped a little further up onto the grass and stopped. It turned and flew onto the roof of a root cellar. I followed and fell in, escaping the chaos, the noise and to die, alone. I couldn't have my father or brothers find me. No one could find me, I couldn’t take the chance. As I lay there, struggling to bite back the screams, I saw the raven fly into the cellar and perch, staring at me with a gleaming black gaze.
I had landed atop a pile of potatoes. The smell and waves of nausea washed over me as I tried desperately to remain silent. Was there no end to the ways my body was rebelling against me? Surely my screams and moans could be heard for miles. I couldn't contain them. Each gasp of breath fanned the flames inside of me, roaring into a ball centralized in my chest and fanning out to every inch of my body. I gasped, for air and clawed at my chest, trying to rip it out of me. There was a rush of air and then I thought I felt two hands clutching mine breaking them free from my chest. The pile of potatoes gave way to something softer, and a soothing voice was in my ear. I had never heard it before. It was unique and melodic. The angels, I could hear the angels. But this song was lost as
the fire in my body that I thought couldn't get worse, increased 20 fold. It raged, burned, and escalated. I begged for unconsciousness but it never came. There were times I felt a presensce, a soft touch on my wound, water on my arms. Madness had come to call, and instead of giving me release from the pain and suffering, it made it worse. A smell of herbs cascaded around me, mixed with the potatoes and the dankness of the root cellar. I lay still, closed my eyes and tried to escape it. Time stood immobile. Surely this was purgatory, at the very least it was to be nothing less that my eternal tomb. Consciousness forever waxing and waning, I saw her figure, the raven was no more, but had become one of the angels I heard. She cradled me as I burned from the inside out, until I started to feel no more of my heartbeat, no more of my breathing. When I awoke on the third day the pain had gone, and the ravages of the trial on my body seemed a far off nightmare, yet I knew they were real. The burning had stopped everywhere except in my throat where it sat and nagged as intense, unquenchable thirst.
I looked about the cellar and spied her. The angel of my fevered and tortured mind, lying on the floor, the hem of her cloak ripped, blood on the white of her gown. Was I to blame? Horror overtook me as I feared I had so quickly become the monster my father reviled and I staggered from the root cellar, into the night, away from humanity and all that was decent in the world.