Sunday, June 6, 2010

Today at Cullens Online

After being witness to the Romanians plans of changing Narcisa into a vampire, Demetri returned to Volterra to seek coucil with the Masters. Demetri explained that the Romanians have discovered a human girl with the potential to will the minds of others, and have decided to add her to their coven. What are the Romanians up to today? Will the Volturi take action?

Come find out today at Cullens Online starting at 10AM Pacific Time running intermittently through the day!

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  1. The Romanians are very ancient! Their appearance reminds me of a cloudy piece of parchment paper. Once upon a time... these vampires were the ruling coven. Are they clever enough to overthrow the Volturi? That is the question?!

  2. Hi Dad one of your daughters here checking in with you & the family , I worry about you all cause you mean a lot to me, I have be feeling sad lately is everyone alright their @ home? please give mom a hug for me , I can't wait to be back home & catch up with everyone . LOL christine Cullins 4-Ever our family