Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cullens Online Character Role Application

Cullens Online Character Role Application
Copy and paste this form into an email or editing program to answer the questions and Email it to
Read and agree to the terms.
Fill out the application carefully and thoughtfully. Make sure the role you are applying for is available and one that you understand and can play.
Recheck your application to make sure it is complete. Any incomplete applications will not be considered.
Once complete, please email this application to and place the Character name you are applying for in the subject line.
1. The Cullens Online (hereafter TCO) is a book-canon site. All characters are to be kept in canon with the characters created by Stephanie Meyer. We reserve the right to notify you if we feel your character is not true to this standard.
2. You agree to make an email and Twitter that are exclusive to your Cullens Online character and Cullens Online alone. 
3. We are an active site. You will be expected to be active on Twitter at least once a week, not including Follow Friday tweets, and must be in the main chat room at least twice a month.
4. We keep it real at TCO so you will have to be aware of time, weather, and world situations pertinent to your character.
5. Proper grammar, punctuation and spelling are required. No text speak or abbreviations are allowed.
6. Your TCO character is a member of TCO and TCO ONLY. You are free to RP under any other name with any other family but may not use the TCO Twitter for interaction with non-family characters.  You may, of course, interact with general members and non-characters on twitter and in chat. Keep in mind, tweeting with followers and members who are non-characters IS allowed, as long as they are not trying to assimilate into the family.
7. We are a PG-13 site. Period.
8. Have you read and do you agree to these terms?
1. Character Role that you are applying for:
2. Your real name:
3. Are you 18 or older:
4. Your email:
5. Facebook or Myspace and/or Twitter if you have them (character emails and names will not be accepted) :
6. Why did you apply for this role? What makes THIS character special to you?
7. How would you describe your desired character's personality using just three (3) sentences or less?
8. Give at least five (3) basic facts about your desired role INCLUDING any supernatural talents that the character might have. Be detailed and, if possible, cite where the information came from (Twilight movie, New Moon book, Lexicon etc.).


9. How easily and quickly do you think you could ‘become’ your desired character and begin interacting with other family and non-family members?
10. List 3 answers that you might give if someone asks where your mate or a specific coven member is?
11. List 3 ways OTHER than “going out for a hunt” or “out on patrol” to creatively and gracefully exit chat as your character.
12. Have you read the entire Twilight Saga and/or seen the movies?
13. If a general member becomes belligerent or starts spouting inappropriate things in chat, what would you do?
14. If you were to have a disagreement with a character, family or non-family, how would you handle it?
15. It is mandatory to make and update a profile page on site for your character, separate from your personal accounts. Are you willing to do this?
16. How much time do you estimate you would devote to ‘being’ your desired character? (daily and/or weekly)
17. What time zone/country are you in? (We ask this to see if you would be available at similar times to any potential mate/character with whom you would need to interact.)
18. Do you have any questions or comments you would like known at this time?

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