Thursday, May 27, 2010

A family Divided.. continued

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Rosalie and Emmett are now aware of what has been happening to the family over the past few days. Rosalie spoke with Alice, and in turn decided it would be best for her to speak some sense into Jasper as well. After having a vision, Alice sent Esme and Edward to stop a fight that ha broken out between me and Jasper. They were too late to stop it. Esme stayed with me, where heated words were exchanged, as Edward went in search of Jasper. Esme left me in the woods after she gave me a letter to read, Edward was able to bring Jasper back to the house to speak with Alice and Rosalie. Thankfully Emmett was there to comfort Esme as she returned to house without me.

What will happen now? Will I ever come home? Will Jasper and I make amends? The events continue today, May 27th continuously throughout the afternoon. Follow Alice and Jasper today as they talk about the need for his apology. Edward and Bella share their concerns on twitter at 1:30pm pacific time, and at 2pm Pacific time join Rosalie in her determination to speak to me.

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*Copyright 27, May, 2010 Cullens Online

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